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Quebec City

Gutter cleaning

Professional eavestrough cleaning from $139 +tx

Maintaining your eavestroughs in Quebec can prevent costly damage. By effectively directing rainwater through Proplavage’s professional eavestrough cleaning solutions, you can help prevent your property from flooding, protect its structure and maintain its integrity.

Benefit from long-term savings, while contributing to the sustainability and maintenance of your property’s value.

Gutter cleaning available in Quebec City only

Quality control with HD camera

Safe and effective eavestrough maintenance

Proplavage revolutionizes eavestrough maintenance with a unique technology:

  • A powerful 3000W industrial vacuum cleaner
  • Telescopic poles
  • Quality control by HD camera.

No more risk of falling from ladders,
our employees stay on the ground
for fast, professional cleaning, up to four storeys high. At all times, you can see the quality of our work with our HD camera quality control.

How much does gutter cleaning cost?

Residential (house and plex)

The cost of a residential eavestrough cleaning for a 1- to 2-storey house varies from $139 +TX to $189 +TX, depending on the surface area and material of the eavestroughs.


The cost of a commercial eavestrough cleaning varies according to several factors, and is available by quotation only.

Residential gutter cleaning from $139

Commercial gutter maintenance

Do you have several shops to maintain?

Get up to X% off when you schedule siding maintenance for Y business addresses with Prop Lavage.

Contact us

For professional, efficient and safe gutter cleaning, trust PropLavage. Contact us today for a free window cleaning quote and find out how we can make your windows sparkle.

    Quebec City, Lac Saint-Jean, Trois-Rivières