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Québec, Trois-Rivières and Saguenay

Residential Window Cleaning

Unlimited window washing at $129 +tx

Prop lavage is the reference for your residential and commercial window cleaning needs. Our Prop pure water cleaning system has proven its effectiveness with 10,000 customers across Quebec. With over 15 teams now established in the Quebec City, Trois-Rivières and Saguenay regions, Prop Lavage is happy to be able to count on a loyal customer base that ensures the company’s continued growth.

Window washing is available here

Quebec City



How much does a residential window wash cost?

1-2 storey house

The cost of a residential window wash for a 1 to 2-storey home is $129 + TX, and includes cleaning of the exterior glass and framing, for an unlimited number of windows.

Semi-detached and duplex

The cost of a residential window cleaning for a plex is $199 + TX. We offer special rates for the cleaning of windows and exterior frames of both units, including an unlimited number of windows. unlimited number of windows.


Do you need to wash the inside of your windows?

The cost of an interior window wash ranges from $139 to $189, for an unlimited number of windows.


Get 15% off an exterior window wash, following a siding wash with Prop Lavage

Residential window cleaning at $129tx

camion prop lavage devant un immeuble

Streak-free window cleaning, guaranteed for 48 hours.

Are your windows still dirty, even after your Prop Lavage service? Our teams work with pure water and professional equipment to ensure results that live up to your expectations. But mistakes happen! That's why Prop Lavage offers a free touch-up service within 48 hours of your window wash.

Safe and efficient maintenance

Our specialized teams use vehicles equipped with a Prop cleaning system, including :

  • – A 1,000-litre tank of pure water
  • – telescopic poles that can reach heights of up to 60 feet
  • – non-abrasive brushes

We ensure safe, effective cleaning of your windows and frames, reducing the risk of falls or injuries by over 45%.

lavage de vitres sur un grand immeuble de 6 étages avec un perche téléscopique

Commercial Window Cleaning

For your business’s interior and exterior window cleaning needs, whether annual, monthly or weekly, Prop Lavage is there to answer the call. We offer free online quotes for condominiums, construction sites, retail businesses, hotels, hospitals, etc.

Post-construction window cleaning service

Our experts ensure meticulous cleaning of residues, dust and stubborn stains without damaging surfaces, giving your company an impeccable presentation that reflects the quality of your work.



Our pure water technology

We are a team of professional photographers

Pure water revolutionizes window cleaning. It contains no particles or minerals, ensuring superior cleaning without leaving residues. This approach also eliminates the need to use expensive chemicals that are harmful to our planet.

Pure water is an effective, economical and environmentally-friendly method. Used in conjunction with telescopic poles for safe, residue-free cleaning at heights of up to 60 feet. This method contributes to the safety of our teams, while preserving the landscape.

Learn more: What is pure water window cleaning?

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For professional, efficient and environmentally-friendly window cleaning, trust PropLavage. Contact us today for a free window cleaning quote and find out how we can make your windows sparkle.

    Quebec City, Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean, Trois-Rivières