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Quebec City

Professional siding cleaning in Quebec

Starting at $330

This service is available in Quebec City

Prop Lavage is proud to offer a professional-quality residential and commercial siding washing service in Quebec. We attach great importance to the cleanliness of the exterior surfaces of your home or commercial building, whatever the material. That’s why we’re committed to providing superior service that meets your unique needs.

Wood | Vinyl | Aluminium | Canexel

Also effective for all your gutter and fascia cleaning needs.

How much does a coating wash cost?

The cost of cleaning residential and commercial siding varies from $330 to $390, depending on the size of the surface to be cleaned, the type of siding and the complexity of the job. For an accurate estimate, ask for a personalized quote.

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What is coating washing?

Siding washing is a pure water and pressure treatment designed to remove traces of external dust, unwanted vegetation and other dirt. Our method guarantees thorough cleaning while preserving the integrity of your coating.

Do you have shops to maintain?

For your commercial siding washing needs, whether annual, monthly or weekly, Prop Lavage is there to answer the call. We offer free online quotes for condominiums, construction sites, retail businesses, hotels, hospitals, etc.

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Residential siding maintenance from $330!

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For professional, efficient and environmentally-friendly window cleaning, trust PropLavage. Contact us today for a free window cleaning quote and find out how we can make your windows sparkle.

    Quebec City