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What is pure water?

What is pure water washing?



When we think of washing our windows, we immediately think that traces of dirt will remain behind.

But with pure water, impossible!

Discover the secrets behind this revolutionary technique that’s changing the face of window cleaning.

What is pure water?

Pure water is water that has been demineralized and purified using a system that combines deionization and reverse osmosis to remove impurities such as minerals, bacteria, microbes, chemicals and other contaminants. Window cleaning with purified water is an eco-responsible, chemical-free solution that dries quickly and leaves no residue.

Its use also extends to washing cars, commercial signs, building cladding and more.

Imagine water so pure it can clean without leaving a trace of dirt or chemical residue. That’s exactly what this washing technology offers: a deep clean that acts like a rejuvenating bath for your windows and home upholstery.

3 Advantages of washing with pure water

  1. Effective on dirt and streak-free Free of minerals, pure water has a natural ability to dissolve and “catch” dirt along with it. Unlike tap water, which is rich in minerals essential to our metabolic health, which can leave traces of these minerals and other impurities.
  2. Respect for the environment Using purified water for cleaning considerably reduces environmental impact. Chemical-free, the risk of pollution is minimized, making this method ideal for an ecological approach.
  3. Gentle on surfaces Unlike chemical cleaners that can damage certain surfaces, pure water is gentle and safe on almost all types of materials, preserving their integrity and appearance.

How does it work?

This type of wash requires specialized equipment. Prop Lavage trucks are equipped with mobile water filtration systems that transform your tap water into pure water. Telescopic poles and various brushes are also available.

The water purification process

  • Demineralization (pre-treatment): First, minerals (such as calcium and magnesium) are removed from the water. These minerals leave traces when they evaporate, so they need to be removed for the water to be truly effective at cleaning without leaving residues.
  • Reverse osmosis (RO): Here, water is forced under high pressure through a very thin membrane. This helps remove most of the dissolved matter from the water, making it much purer.
  • Deionization (EDI): After reverse osmosis, some minerals remain. Deionization replaces them with ions that leave no trace, making the water totally pure.
  • Additional filtration: Other filters, such as carbon filters, are also used to remove other impurities and chemicals such as chlorine that could damage the membrane or affect water quality.

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The importance of demineralized water

Demineralized water leaves no traces or deposits, which is crucial for impeccable cleaning. It’s the absence of these minerals that gives pure water its unique cleansing properties.

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Pure water washing and the environment

Washing with pure water is an environmentally-friendly solution for maintaining your windows and siding.

Since it contains no chemicals, it is considered safe for the surrounding flora and fauna, which is particularly important when cleaning outdoors.

The absence of harmful products also means that the water used for cleaning can be more easily recycled and absorbed back into the environment.

Are you a homeowner who wants to wash your windows yourself? See our complete guide on how to wash your windows.


Pure water washing is not just a cleaning technique; it’s a revolution in surface care. By adopting this technology to wash your windows and siding, you’re not only choosing efficient, streak-free cleaning, but also a more environmentally-friendly option.

With its many advantages and positive impact on our planet, washing with pure water is certainly the way to go.


  1. What makes purified water different from tap water? Purified water is different from tap water in that it has all its minerals and impurities removed, making it extremely effective for cleaning without leaving residues.
  2. Is washing with pure water effective against all types of dirt? It is highly effective against most types of dirt, with the exception of very greasy or oily substances.
  3. Can I install a pure water washing system in my home? Yes, there are systems suitable for home use, although professional systems are generally more efficient.
  4. What are the long-term impacts of pure water washing on surfaces? Pure water is gentle on surfaces, preventing wear and damage caused by aggressive chemicals.